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WinMerge v2.16.4 Portable

Compare the content of folders, subfolders, and files, find differences, and merge duplicate content with the help of this application. WinMerge provides you with an intuitive comparison and merging application for both files and folders, enabling you to quickly identify existing differences and synchronize directory contents. Designed with ease of use in mind, the main interface is simple and well organized, displaying the merged content of the two selected folders, details about the files, their type and creation date, as well as the comparison result.

Directories can be compared recursively by multiple criteria, such as the modification date, the file size or their whole content.

Users can browse through the list of detected differences and copy or move a file or a folder from and to a directory, thus easily synchronizing the content of two different directories. Furthermore, files can also be deleted, renamed or hidden.

WinMerge comes with a built-in editor whose main purpose is to help you compare two files and modify their text content or binary structure. The two input files are analyzed and their content is displayed in two side-by-side panes, which allows a quick detection of existing dissimilarities.

The editor features Unicode support, line numbering, word-wrap and automatically highlights found disparities. The content can be synchronized with a single click, by copying the syntax or editing it manually. In order to prevent data loss, WinMerge can be set to automatically create a backup of the original file.

The application provides support for Visual SourceSafe and Rational ClearCase versioning systems and comes in handy for determining the modifications between file versions and merging the changes.

Archive support, file filters based on regular expressions, folder backup, shell integration, a patch generator and a comparison report creation tool are other advantages that this application comes with. Furthermore, its functionality can be enhanced using plugins.

To conclude with, WinMerge is a comprehensive tool designed to present differences between file contents, project versions or directories in an easy to understand format. Its advanced features make file comparing and synchronizing an easy task for any type of user.

File Size: 6.83 MB
License: GPLV2
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