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Tablacus Explorer v19.5.11

Tabbed file manager that you can use to organize files and directories with ease, saving your settings to XML file format for later use. Tablacus Explorer is an open-source file manager designed to help you organize the contents of your folders. The ZIP package includes both the 32- and 64-bit versions of the program. You don’t need to install the utility on your system as it’s portable. You may run it by simply opening the executable file and copy it on portable media devices like USB flash drives.

ReclaiMe Pro Build 1872 Portable

ReclaiMe is an easy-to-use and powerful data recovery application designed to hel you with your accidentaly deleted files. The program requires a user to make almost no decisions and have no technical skill at all.On top of that ReclaiMe works with many file systems (FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, RAW) which makes it universal. ReclaiMe is capable of processing large amounts of data, more than that; the program handles heavily damaged data well.

Magic DVD Copier v10.0.1 Portable

A useful and easy-to-use software that helps you to copy DVD movie to blank DVD discs or hard drives without any loss of quality. Magic DVD Copier is a simple yet efficient way to copy a DVD movie to a blank disc or straight on a local disc, as the application promises to retain the same quality as the original version. The interface is what makes the entire software solution very easy to use because in case you don't want to waste your time with fancy configuration screens, you just have to pick the source and the target, choose the copy mode and hit the 'Start' button.

Synchredible Pro v5.203 Portable

Synchredible is a simple option for synchronizing your files and folders. It includes a wizard to walk you through each step of the synchronization process allowing you to fine-tune the job by excluding files, redundant file/folder deletions, job automation and more. You can work with individual files or an entire drive, and it will synchronize, copy and save them all for you.  Synchredible employs an advanced system for identifying similar files, and it also allows unedited files to be skipped if needed.

SlickRun v4.43.0 Portable

Sometimes we get so used to doing things a certain way--finding a program in the Start menu, or opening our Web browser and entering a Web address--that it doesn't even occur to us that there might be a quicker, easier way to do things. SlickRun is a tiny little utility that can launch programs, open Web sites, record notes, and much more, all from one unobtrusive little bar that you can position anywhere on your screen.

DesktopNoteOK v1.21 Portable

A colorful and fairly intuitive sticky notes tool for Windows, created for people who want to keep text reminders on their desktops. Ever since Windows Vista, our instincts of grabbing a pen and a piece of paper to just write something down least we forget it have changed. With the introduction of Sticky Notes, our desktops have also become “refrigerator doors”, where we write down stuff we wish to remember. And, unlike a notepad, these notes stay there in our visual field, but without interfering with our work in any other way.

My Windows Services Panel v1.3.0.0 Portable

Seamlessly view and manage the full list of Windows Services that are installed on your system using this simple and straightforward utility. Granted, the modern versions of Windows has improved the elements that run as services and allow you to delay them from boosting at the same time with the system. Then again, you still need to browse through extensive lists to find a service that you want to close to run a certain application.

Ambiera RocketCake Pro v2.0 Portable

Design a wide range of websites even if you have little or no programming skills by using this straightforward and intuitive application. Having a beautiful website is one of the ways you can attract online visitors, no matter if you are selling complex products or you are keeping a personal blog. If programming is not among your skills, there are many dedicated applications that can come in handy, such as RocketCake.

WinGrid v3.80 Portable

Use your mouse buttons to quickly arrange windows on your desktop in a manner that facilitates working with multiple applications. Having multiple windows open at the same time is not unusual, and constantly switching between them is not the most efficient way to get things done. While they may be plenty of space on your desktop to keep them all up, organizing them is a time-consuming process.

Restorator 2018 v3.90 Portable

A Windows resource editor and viewer that features an intuitive look, with options to add localization to an application and extract data. Restorator is a reliable and highly intuitive application that allows you to apply small changes to any system application by accessing its resources then modifying their content to fit your needs.It works with various resource files and Windows executable files. Browse through your resources and edit them either in Restorator itself, or using applications you can integrate into Restorator’s tool menu.

Pepakura Designer v4.1.5 Portable

A straightforward and highly comprehensive application that you can use to make papercraft models from 3D models generated by high end software. Pepakura Designer is an application created to help you extract paper craft models from 3D objects without the need of any special plugins or skills. With it you can import a wide range of 3D objects and transform them into printable 2D designs. There's no need to install this app.

Digital Video Repair v3.6.0.0 Portable

Repair Mpeg 4 and AVI videos in just a few clicks! Digital Video Repair will fix broken MP4, MOV & AVI files encoded with Xvid, DivX, MPEG4, 3ivx and Angel Potion codecs, helping achieve a perfectly smooth viewing experience. Playing corrupted AVI files can result in blotchy or jerky playback, lockups, visual artefacts and audio-video desync. DVR will carefully repair the AVI file structures, re-encoding bad segments if required to ensure smooth, uninterrupted playback and full conformance to the original MOV, MP4 & AVI specifications.

SunsetScreen v1.31 Portable

It's a known fact that the computer screen glare and brightness need adjustments to match the indoor lighting, so as to protect our eyes. Furthermore, scientists have proven that over-bright monitors and their blue light inhibit the production of melatonin, a substance responsible for our good night sleep. SunsetScreen is a tool designed to automatically modify the screen color, hue and the brightness level, so as to reduce the exposure to blue light in the evening, at sunset.

Startup Sentinel v1.7.6.24 Portable

Clear-cut application which enables you to view all processes running at Windows startup and manage them in a more efficient fashion. All startup items are displayed along with location, name and command. The ones you do not need can be easily removed from the list, while the ones you do not recognize or consider to be malicious can be blocked from being launched. It is also possible to create a whitelist. This should include apps that you trust and know for sure they do not contain harmful elements. You can also launch them by clicking the “Run Now” button.

Digital Notes v4.5 Portable

Add digital stickers to your desktop and create frequent reminder for your upcoming events, tasks or meetings using this intuitive app. For many people, the desktop is simply the place where shortcuts and icons are located, without any real functionality. Nonetheless, you can benefit from all the empty space on your desktop by adding post-its, and Digital Notes is one of the apps that can help you do that.

Vector Magic v1.15 Portable

Usually, if you resize a regular bitmap image to a higher resolution, the result is an extremely pixelated picture. Vector Magic Desktop Edition is a handy tool that can be quite useful with this type of problems by turning the image files to scalable vector art. The software enables users to transform digital pictures into vectors with just a few clicks thanks to the built-in wizards. The program supports various file formats.

EXE Explorer v2.1.0.0 Portable

EXE Explorer is an interesting tool which can tell you everything you could ever need to know about the structure of a Windows executable file. (PE32, PE32+ (64-bit), NE, VxD and .NET executables are supported.) Just open your target file and EXE Explorer provides quick access to all its internal structures. The full list: DOS, File, Optional and CLR headers, CLR Metadata streams, Sections, Directories, Imports, Exports, Resources, ASCII and Unicode Strings, etc.

Miranda NG v0.95 Portable

Stay in touch and send instant messages to several contacts, with this reliable successor of the multi-protocol Windows client, Miranda. Miranda NG is a reliable Windows instant messaging client, which is built on the basis of the multi-protocol program, Miranda. It is a successor of Miranda, its highlights being the fact that it is lightweight fast and highly customizable, thanks to the multiple supported plug-ins.

Winyl v3.3.1 Portable

A modern-looking audio player that allows you to render and sort your audio library based on title, album or artist and create personalized playlists. Winyl is a resourceful audio player that comes packed with a few powerful features, such as media library support. The interface of the application is quite appealing. Upon deployment you can update the current media library by browsing your computer for folders with music.

Simple Markdown v2.1.10 Portable

The Markdown markup language is widely used for writing content indented to be published on the web, as it relies on a simple, readable syntax and can be converted to HTML easily. There are many editors around for you to try. SimpleMarkdown, as its name suggests, provides you with a basic platform for writing in Markdown and exporting content. It offers a pretty decent set of features, and its lightweight design can only be appreciated.

ProKon v10.0z Portable

In order to accurately convert various values you need help. Since using Google to search exact conversion units can sometimes take longer time than you’re willing to assign to such a task, you can use an app like ProKon. The software comes with a simple interface; a regular window with over 30 categories to choose from, such as acceleration, angle, area, density, elements, energy, geometry, heat, length, mass, temperature, time and velocity. You can even view items from the periodic table.

HiBit SysInfo v1.5.3.0 Portable

Analyze and create reports based on all sorts of details about your computer's hardware and software with the help of this app whose bet is on its informative purpose. Any responsible computer user should be informed about their device’s hardware and software so that the decisions they make are in accordance with its capabilities. If you are unsure about how you can access all these details, you may want to take a look at HiBit System Information, an application that neatly organizes a considerable amount of data you can integrate into reports.

WifiHistoryView v1.50 Portable

Extracts information about the current and past wireless network connections of your computer, displaying a complete list you can export. WifiHistoryView is tailored for network administrators who want to check out the past and current wireless connections for a particular workstation, retrieving a rich set of details that can be merged into a single, clear HTML report. Designed as a reporting tool only, WifiHistoryView cannot be used for performing any wireless networking tasks.

ExamDiff v1.9.0.2 Portable

Visually compare two text documents or the binary code of two files to find out if they're identical, and check out the highlighted differences. ExamDiff is a handy software application that you can use to compare the contents between two files to find out if they're identical. It features several options that can be quickly figured out. As soon as it's launched, it asks you to locate the two files you want to compare using a file browser.

Xwidget v1.9.22 Portable

XWidget provides you with a widget engine as well as an out-of-the-box selection of items for you to enjoy. The application comes packing a weather widget alongside other useful ones such as uptime, system, search, RSS, notes, Internet or photo album. This particular piece of software can easily facilitate your everyday work by delivering the information you need in real time. It is also configurable to such extent that you may find yourself spending more time doing it than you initially planned.

AppCompatibilityView v1.01 Portable

Displays information regarding programs on your computer that run in compatibility mode, allowing you to change the compatibility settings with ease. Upgrading to a newer version of Windows might result in incompatibility issues of some applications that have not yet been optimized for the latest operating system iteration. The first thing you can do in such cases is to try and run those software programs in compatibility mode.

EasyBCD v2.4.0.237 Portable

A powerful bootloader/modification tool that enables you to run multiple operating systems on the same computer, as well as reset the BCD configuration or recreate and repair boot files. EasyBCD is geared for users of all kinds. Whether you just want to add an entry to your old XP partition or want to create a duplicate for testing purposes; if you're interested in debugging the Windows Kernel or septuple-booting your seven test operating systems, EasyBCD is the key.

Rapid Environment Editor v9.2 Portable

View user-defined and system variables with this application, which features multiple language support and a straightforward interface. Rapid Environment Editor is a powerful software utility which displays environment variables and values as an editable tree. The interface is simple and intuitive thus, quite easy to work with. However, this program is not suitable for novice users, as they might not fully understand the specialized terminology present.

Victoria v4.73b Portable

An experimental program to analyse your HDD, so you can see the health and the performance in detail. It can also perform surface tests. If you're the type of person who doesn't prefer storing files on external devices like CDs, DVDs or USB flash drives and decides to save files exclusively on the HDD/SSD, you might want to make sure nothing that will cause the loss of your documents will happen.

My Notes Keeper v3.9.2.209 Portable

My Notes Keeper is a comprehensive and effective piece of software that helps you to keep all your personal information in one place. It allows you to add, edit and manage your notes effortlessly, publish writings and organize your to-do lists. Because it sports a clean and intuitive interface, the application is very useful since it stores separate notes within one file and allows you to insert data time stamps and separator lines.