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Real Network Monitor v1.4 Portable

Lightweight software application which enables you to monitor your Internet traffic, block websites and display received local IPs. Real Network Monitor is a straightforward application that enables you to keep an eye on the online traffic and find out various details, such as download and upload speed. It mainly addresses power users, such as network administrators. You can view a list of received interface IPs, name and time, as well as choose an interface from a drop-down menu.

Relo v2.0 Portable

Relo is an open source C/C++ Integrated Development Environment for Windows, for MingW32 and Borland C++ compilers, designed to be highly customizable and user friendly. Relo Portable was built as an Open Source and easy-to-use C/C++ Integrated Development Environment for Windows, MingW32 and Borland C++ compilers. The Relo Portable IDE is designed to be highly customizable and user friendly. The main goal of the software is to develop Windows applications, but can also be used to develop console / DOS applications.

QText v4.52 Portable

Take notes and open them in different tabs, carefully organizing them during your research sessions, and edit the text to match your preferences. There isn't always a pen and paper around when you need to take notes, but there is an increased chance that there is a computer. Not only does it provide a faster writing method, but also a secure one. Luckily, applications like QText give you the possibility to have something to write on, at your fingertips while using the computer.

Harvester v2.0.0 Portable

Debug Viewer for Trace, NLog & Log4Net. Portable Harvester is a handy tool that was created in order to help you track the debug data from all the running applications. Using this program you can trace calls between servers and clients without having to monitor all the application log files. Given this is a portable app, no installation is required to use it, hence no changes are made to your system.

Atlas Hard Disk LED v2.2.0 Portable

Make sure that you are always aware whether your hard drive is writing when you have no other way to learn more about this info via this app. While several years ago, all computers came with some form of indicator for the hard disk's activity, the feature has been considered obsolete and consequentially removed. Then again, the function still comes in handy in many situations, particularly when you want to determine whether your PC's non-responsiveness is a something serious or just a delay.

Zero Assumption Recovery v10.0.130 Portable

Zero Assumption Recovery provides a suite of highly effective and thorough data recovery software for Microsoft Windows operating systems. We pride ourselves on having created tools that stand out from the crowd – our do it yourself data recovery software is far more persistent than many of the other solutions on the market. Even when you think your hard drive is beyond salvation, ZAR Data Recovery carries on crawling – and ultimately achieves the result.

Instagram Password Decryptor v1.0 Portable

With this lightweight and efficient portable program, you can recover your Instagram username and password from almost any browser. Portable Instagram Password Decryptor is an intuitive and very easy to use application whose main purpose is to assist you in recovering your access credentials for your Instagram account, without having to resort to the ‘Forgot Password’ option, which will force you to change it.

SSLCertScanner v6.0 Portable

Remotely locate SSL certificates across the network, examine reports and export the information to various file formats, thanks to this approachable tool. SSLCertScanner Portable is a straightforward utility that was designed specifically in order to help individuals remotely scan SSL certificates on the Intranet or Internet. This is the portable version of SSLCertScanner. The interface is modern-looking, simple and highly intuitive. This means it can be easily used by any type of person, regardless of their previous experience with computers.

ImgBurn v2.5.8.0 Portable

Burn data to CDs and DVDs, create images, verify data integrity, and configure numerous settings when using this ultimate image burner. If you're looking for a multi-talented CD and DVD burner that's not only easy to use and feature-rich but also free, you can try ImgBurn. It's widely considered one of the best in the business, despite the fact that it hasn't received any updates since 2013, whether we're talking about looks or functionality.

RAID & NAS Recovery v4.00 Portable

Recovery for NTFS-formatted Windows RAIDs, includes hardware RAIDs and Windows software RAIDs. Supports RAID-0 and RAID-5 configurations. NAS Data Recovery recovers the entire content of your broken NAS within minutes. You will be able to copy the files and folders over to another disk. NAS Data Recovery works for all XFS- or EXT2FS-formatted single-drive, RAID-0, RAID-1, or RAID-5 NAS stations from manufacturers.

Free RAR Extractor v1.0 Portable

Having to deal with frightening large amounts of data, it is only natural that we try to manage it in the most effective way, which evidently involves diminishing its size. This is possible by means of RAR compression, a solution that automatically leads to the necessity of also having tools that can easily reverse the process and allow you to explore your files without any difficulty. Free RAR Extractor is one such software solution.

MAC Address Scanner v2.0 Portable

An easy to use software that enables users to scan all the computers on a network or just one host in order to obtain their MACs. This is the portable version of MAC Address Scanner, a fast and easy-to-understand program which scans a single host or entire network for MAC addresses by IP range. It includes some pretty intuitive features that can be figured out by users with minimal background in networking utilities.

Query Light v1.2.0.1 Portable

Connect to your Oracle database and manage it in a convenient manner by relying on this lightweight application that supports running multiple sessions. Query Light is a lightweight tool designed to help ODBC database administrators simplify their work by providing them with various means of accomplishing their tasks. This application requires Java Runtime Environment in order to enable users to benefit from its capabilities entirely. It is portable and does not require installation, as simply running its executable grants full access to its functions. It does not create additional folders nor does it modify registry entries.

LanHunt v1.4 Portable

Lightweight and straightforward application which enables you to search for many types of content inside your Local Area Network. LanHunt Portable is a software utility which was designed in order to help people search for videos, images, documents, executable and audio files within your LAN. This is the portable counterpart of LanHunt, which means you can easily bypass the installation process. You can copy the program files to any location on the hard drive and double-click the executable in order to run it.

Simplyzip v1.1 Portable

Lightweight application which enables you to easily create archives, as well as password-protect and backup files to the hard drive. Portable Simplyzip is a software tool developed specifically to help people create archives and encrypt them, as well as backup files. This utility does not require you to go through the installation process, as it represents the portable version of Simplyzip. This means you can copy the program files to a portable storage device, such as a USB drive and thus, use Portable Simplyzip on any computer you can connect to.

Oxynger Keyshield v1.1.0 Portable

Keyloggers are no mystery among computer users but if this is the first time you encounter that term, it’s best you Google it because you might be exposed to some unwanted software. Basically, a keylogger is an application that is built to monitor, record and unfortunately send out a log of all the keys you press on your keyboard. It’s not malware, but it can do harm if for example, you’re abroad on vacation and use an Internet cafe to send an email to your mom which contains credit card information and other sensitive data.

Argente Utilities v1.0.7.0 Portable

Quickly repairs, optimizes, manages, modifies, removes and protects your system from all types of errors, warnings, failures and malware. Using your computer on a daily basis requires more than just a firewall and antivirus solution to keep your system secured. The Internet isn't the only source of malicious content, with the possibility for junk files or invalid registries to reduce performance or cause errors. Luckily, Portable Argente Utilities comes equipped with a handful of tools that help you keep your computer in good shape.

Shutdown8 v1.08 Portable

Quickly shuts down, logs off, restarts the computer or puts it in hibernate or sleep mode, with support for a countdown sequence. Shutdown8 is a simple-to-use application that enables you to easily activate a power management option, such as restart and shutdown. This can be done from a desktop or taskbar shortcut. The tool does not come equipped with complicated settings, making it suitable to all types of users, even the ones with little or no previous experience in computer software.

DevProject Manager v1.9.0.0 Portable

This is an application that was developed specifically for software developers, in order to help them manage their projects better. Portable DevProject Manager is a tool that helps software developers to keep better track of all their projects and manage them accordingly. The interface of the software program is very easy to use, actually giving the impression that any type of person is able to use it, no matter how inexperienced they might be when it comes to IT in general.

X-SQLT v1.2.2 Portable

A compact and portable utility for selection, conversion and transformation of database information.. X-SQLT (Extended SQL Transformation) Portable is a free-form, declarative, XML-based language used to describe a series of commands for data exchange and transformations, that can be performed on databases, data files or structured documents. The program intends to enable the easy selection, conversion and transformation of data using SQL, XML, XSLT, XPath and scripting languages (VBScript, JavaScript, etc).

WinHash v1.0.3 Portable

Small, easy-to-use application that can generate LM and NTLM hashes, output a text string to the PWDump format without requiring installation. The LM Hash function was used in older versions of Windows to store user passwords fewer than 15 characters long. It has since been replaced with other algorithms, as it is quite vulnerable from a security standpoint. If, however, you find yourself needing to generate LM or NTLM hashes, WinHash can certainly come in handy. It is portable and very easy to use, and it also includes a couple of helpful formatting tools.

Prime Numbers v2.3 Portable

List all prime numbers in a given range and save them to file, decompose prime numbers, and check numbers to find out if they're prime. Made as the portable counterpart of Prime Numbers, this is a very simple program that can help math students and other users quickly find all prime numbers in a given range, as well as to decompose them. It comes loaded with just a few intuitive options that should be easy to figure out by users, regardless of their previous experience with software applications.

PortChecker v1.0.0 Portable

Effortlessly find out the status of the TCP and UDP ports in your system and determine whether you need to open or close them via this tool. Generally speaking, if you are experiencing connection issues when you attempt to access an online game, application or service, then one potential culprit can be port exhaustion or perhaps they are closed. PortChecker is a tiny utility that is developed to help you check whether certain TCP or UDP ports are opened or closed.

Moo0 Connection Watcher v1.56 Portable

A useful tool for monitoring the network traffic and the programs that exchange information via the network in a convenient manner. Moo0 ConnectionWatcher is a simple yet powerful software solution developed to monitor network traffic and show all connections along with a great amount of information. The one-window program GUI plays the key role, with all information displayed in a very well-organized layout, while at the same time it also provides access to a bunch of configuration settings.

Easy Random Picker v2.2 Portable

Small-sized and portable tool that parses competitors from text files and picks random winners on the go, with support for exceptions. This is the portable counterpart of Easy Random Picker, a program that provides a simple means of choosing winners from a list of people in random order. It has a pleasant interface and intuitive options to help users accomplish this task in no time. Since there is no installation involved, you can extract the program files to a custom directory on the hard disk and just click the executable to run.

EdgeCookiesView v1.16 Portable

User-friendly and lightweight application that allows you to view all Microsoft Edge cookies stored in the WebCacheV01.dat database. In spite of its age, IECookiesView is a very useful piece of software which helps you view the cookies from Microsoft's default browser, Internet Explorer, as well as from earlier versions of Microsoft Edge. However, starting with the release of the Fall Creators Update of Windows 10, the latest browser stores all its cookies in the WebCacheV01.dat database, rendering IECookiesView incapable of carrying out the task.

InstallSimple v3.0 Portable

Create a simple installer for your applications in the blink of an eye with this lightweight utility that will guide you every step of the way. Deploying files to an operation system needs to be done properly in order for an application to be fully functional. Installers are the ones in charge of this, and with the help of InstallSimple they can be created in the blink of an eye. The clever design will allow anyone to take advantage of what it has to offer. You will know what to do every step of the way, the application showing info about what you must add in each section.

USB Block v1.7.6 Portable

A modern-looking software application that can help you protect your computer by restricting the access of specific portable devices. USB Block is a powerful program that enables users to prevent data leakage by allowing access only to authorized USB flash drives, CDs, DVDs, external drives and network connections. This software utility asks you to input a password. It might be a good idea to remember this one, as you will use it constantly.

Repartition Bad Drive v1.01 Portable

Isolate unrecoverable bad sectors of your hard drives so that the HDD remains stable and you avoid loss of data via this small utility. While there are numerous reasons behind disk failures, perhaps one of the most widespread is the bad sectors. Not only does this make your system unstable overall, but chances are that you need to handle dozens of errors at the same time. Repartition Bad Drive is a tiny application that can help you isolate the bad sectors from partitions and drives so that the storage system becomes more stable and slightly more reliable.

NetTraffic v1.6.1.2 Portable

NetTraffic is a simple-to-use application that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic, catering to all users who are interested in evaluating statistics, such as network administrators. It creates an icon in the system tray area and immediately starts monitoring the input and output packets. Features include graph and numeric values in real-time, works with any network connection, taskbar icon showing activity, statistical module, computer work time, distance traveled by cursor (mouse), predictions based on collected data, review of archival data.

Free QR Creator v1.1.3 Portable

Create a QR code for your commercial items on the go and in the blink of an eye with this lightweight and easy to use application. For easy identification and management, each commercial item comes equipped with its own virtual fingerprint, represented by a barcode. It is capable of storing any info in a unique set of vertical bars or dots, depending on the type. Such codes can easily be created with the help of specialized applications like Free QR Creator Portable.

SRWare Password Decryptor v1.0 Portable

Using this lightweight and intuitive program, you can quickly find and decrypt the usernames and passwords you used on certain websites. Portable SRWare Password Decryptor is an efficient and easy to use piece of software designed to help you retrieve any forgotten or misplaced access credentials you used when logging in to certain websites using SRWare Iron as a browser.

Hidden File Finder v2.0 Portable

Portable Hidden File Finder is a simple software utility which helps individuals easily find hidden files on their computer. This is the portable counterpart of Hidden File Finder, meaning that installation is not a prerequisite. You can easily copy the program files to any location on the hard drive in order to run the tool from there, by clicking the EXE. It is also possible to drop the files on a portable storage unit, so as to use Portable Hidden File Finder on any computer you have access to.

ExtractNow v4.8.2.0 Portable

Portable ExtractNow is a tool with a name that pretty much sums up its functionality - it allows you to extract files from archives. It can be seamlessly figured out, even by inexperienced users. Since there is no installation package available, you can store Portable ExtractNow on an external device (like a USB flash drive), save it to any computer and directly run its executable file.

JPEGView v1.0.37 Portable

Enables you to open, view and edit photographs, as well as display information about them, without hampering your system’s resources. JPEGView is a small software application which was developed in order to help you view and edit images, with support from a wide range of formats, including JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, WEBP, GIF, TGA, DNG, CR2, RW2, DCR and CRW.Surprisingly enough, this utility is portable, which means the installation process is not required.