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FolderMove v1.2 Portable

Seamlessly move the installation directory of programs to other more convenient locations using this simple and straightforward app. If you are trying to move a directory where you have an application installed, then the only way to make a clean move without is to re-install the application to the desired location. Moving it like you would normally transfer a directory is bound to lead to errors and there is a high chance the apps do not work anymore.

FolderMove is a small utility that enables you to move installation folders without having to worry about damaging the registry and keeping the app to work just as well.

Since the utility is portable, it does not require installation or configuration, so you can start using it as soon as you download it to your computer. Functionality-wise, the tool is as simple to use as it looks and comes with minimalistic, single window interface.

You can get started by selecting the path of the folder of the program you need to transfer as well as the directory where you want to move it. In addition to the folder and its content, the utility also moves the symbolic link, so it gets updated automatically and hence, points to the right target. On a side note, you can set the symbolic link as hidden, an option that can be useful if you are moving a folder to an external media storage.

The program can be useful if you are trying to make some room on your drives and perhaps, want to move large video games to another partition or an external drive. Nevertheless, to avoid any issues while you transfer the directories, it is recommended that you use the application As Administrator.

In the eventuality that you need to make some room on your hard drive and need to move some large applications while still keeping them working, then perhaps FolderMove could come in handy.

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Wiztree v3.29 Portable

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