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Resource Hacker v5.0.42 Portable

Examine, edit and extract resources in Win32 executable and resource files, make modifications and compile the apps, replace bitmaps and colors, and more. Resource Hacker is a tiny software application made to help you examine resources, such as .exe and .res files, extract them, replace icons and bitmaps, and more. Although it's made for advanced PC users, the app contains intuitive options that can be figured out even by novices.

Portable Resource Hacker in an all-in-one resource editor that can analyze executable files in detail and retrieve information about their content, enabling you to explore resources within a user-friendly interface and make modifications, if required.

The application is compatible with any type of resource file, including EXE, DLL, RES, MUI, and so on, both 32-bit and 64-bit. Once the input file is selected, it proceeds to analyze its contents and displays its findings in a tree-view list.

Portable Resource Hacker can explore all folders inside the compiled executable file, enabling you to get a glimpse of icons and icon groups, string tables, raw data resources (RCData), manifest, and version information.

Images (such as icons) are previewed in the right panel, which also acts as a resource editor. As such, you can browse string tables and modify their content, view the hexadecimal display of binary raw data, explore icon groups, tamper with the manifest file, and change the version information.

You are free to save resources to RES or BIN files, update the manifest, replace, delete and rename resources, or change their language if you want to. Icons and bitmaps can be updated with a single click, extracted and saved locally. The file can be updated by adding it other external binaries, images, or resource files.

Portable Resource Hacker can also be used to create new scripts from scratch, which can be then inserted into another executable or compiled as standalone files. There are a few script templates available, simulating basic functions to save you time.

Portable Resource Hacker is easy to work with, but that doesn't mean anyone can make good use of it. Note that it is mainly designed for experienced programmers, since changes in the resource files can render an application unusable or corrupted.

It enables you to explore the content of resource files within a user-friendly interface, defining the raw data for your applications. In other words, it decompiles files and enables you to make modifications, and then recompiles them in an instant.

File Size: 2.55 MB
License: Freeware
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