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Files Inspector Pro 1.0.0 Portable

Find obsolete documents, multimedia, data and applications that take up space on your disks and safely delete them using this tool. Even though computer storage is becoming bigger with each release, it also means that you gain more space to store a lot of files that you do not really need or use. Without proper maintenance, you can fill up Terra of space with junk and cleaning would eventuality become a tedious, if not obnoxious task.

Files Inspector is a tool that allows you to inspect the data on your disks and delete or uninstall the obsolete ones, thus freeing up space and improving the performance of your system at the same time.

You are welcomed by a modern, sleek and stylish interface. You should bear in mind that the tool begins to scan your disk as soon as you open it, a procedure that could take some time depending on the size of the HDD or SSD. On a side note, while waiting you can check out the tips and functionality notes of the app especially if you did not use similar apps before.

The idea behind the tool is to perform an express analysis of the documents, images, multimedia and other type of data, and display the space occupied in a clear manner. While it is true that it does not display it with charts, the bars are quite intuitive and you can easily get an overview of the files that take up the most space.

Advanced users can make even deeper analysis as the tool comes with a parser that allows you to examine data in all files and folders on the exiting storage.

Once you decided what data needs to be removed from the disk, you have the option to erase it directly from inside the app. This is not only applicable to files and folders, but also for applications that you no longer use and just take up space. According to the developer, the app allows for safe deletion and, just in case you change your mind, you can find the recently erased data in Recycle Bin.

All in all, Files Inspector is a user-friendly program that allows you to perform a thorough analysis of the disk storage so that you can delete the obsolete files and folders.

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License: Freemium
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