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Agena v2.14 Portable

Interpreted procedural programming language worth having when you need to perform various tasks and create scientific applications. Agena Portable is a comprehensive and procedural programming language that provides its users with complex graphics, efficient text processing, procedures and multi-user configuration utilities. Regardless of whether you use programming for educational, scientific, or script writing, Agena has you covered. This application uses a type of syntax that’s comparable to Algol 68 and also comes equipped with LUA, SQL, and Maple features.

Although it supports common functionality such as assignments, conditions, loops and procedures, Agena Portable uses a type of syntax that is comparable to Algol 68 and comprises features from Lua 5, Maple, Algol 60, SQL, ANSI C,Sinclair ZX Spectrum BASIC and Sinclair QL.

Additionally, its extended features enable you to make use of fast string and mathematical operators, an arbitrary precision mathematical library and a network package to exchange data over the Internet and LANs.

Because the programming language is aimed mainly at educational, scientific and linguistic uses, it can also be used in scripting since it supports Cantor sets, sequences, pairs, and complex numbers.

Agena Portable comes with a variety of basic functions and supports various conditions and procedures, here referring to If, Else If, End If, loops such as For, From, To, By, While, statements like Skip and Break, procedures and many others.

This language enables you to work with various data types starting with rational and complex numbers such as infinity and undefined strings and ending up with sequences, vectors and booleans such as true, false and fail. Furthermore, it supports threads, user data, pairs, collections and arrays.

Thanks to its portability characteristic, you can take Agena Portable with you on any removable media drive and use it on any compatible computer without a problem. It does not go through an installation process and you can run it from your USB stick or your desktop, completely removing it when you no longer need it just by deleting the containing folder.

In closing, Agena Portable comes with efficient stack programming facilities with the insert/into and pop/from statements that help you write educational or scientific applications.

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