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Teorex FolderIco v6.0 Portable

Easily customize the appearance of your folders with this straightforward application that offers context menu integration and numerous colorful icons. Users who prefer to customize the looks of their folders in accordance to their requirements could be seeking for a quick and efficient tool to help them achieve that. Fortunately, numerous software solutions exist and among these they can also find FolderIco. It will help them select their preferred folders and assign them new icons from its basic icon library.

Portable Folderico is an easy to use application developed to change icons of any folder on your computer.

The program relies on a very plain and simple interface, with all the built-in tools grouped in a single window and thus target both beginners and professional users.

If you're not the kind of user who wants to tweak the app as much as possible and you're okay with the standard settings, the “Change Icon” should be enough for you.

Just pick the folder whose icon you want to change, select a new icon, write down a tooltip and you're done.

Portable Folderico comes with multiple built-in icon sets, but it also gives users the options to add new ones by loading icon libraries and iColorFolders themes.

If you however have a look in the “Options” tab, you can find dedicated settings to display icon names or numbers in context menu and configure the way you can install icons. There are two options at your disposal, so you can choose between extracting icons from icl-themes to a single file and copy it to the customize folder or only make a link to the icl-theme and do not create any icons.

As you may guess by reading its name, Portable Folderico is fully portable, so it's basically enough to copy all its files on a removable drive and use it on the go without the need for prior installation.

All things considered, Portable Folderico is quite a handy piece of software, but don't forget to launch it with administrator privileges on Windows 7 workstations. It needs just basic computer knowledge, so it can be safely installed by any user category.

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