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Efficient Sticky Notes v5.22 Portable

Specifically designed for active persons, Portable Efficient Sticky Notes Pro can help them organize their activity much easier. It places virtual sticky notes on the desktop to remind them about important tasks and events. Put simply, Efficient Sticky Notes helps you keep track of important events and tasks you must attend to by placing colored sticky notes on your desktop and managing them from a friendly GUI.

We usually take notes in overwhelming situations, when we are on the brink of chaotic circumstances, and that is why they are not always the most coherent pieces of text one could produce.

However, there are software solutions that aim to make the whole process more efficient by offering to organize all your ideas, and Efficient Sticky Notes is one of them.

Working with the application shouldn't pose any problems to users, since all the options are neatly displayed in a user-friendly interface. The list of notes is one-click away and if you have gathered so many reminders that you find it frustrating to go through hundreds of records, the integrated 'Search' function comes with filtering options that will surely help you out.

New notes can be created either manually (by typing in or pasting the desired content) or by importing text from CSV or TXT files on your computer. Optionally, a stickcan be placed on the desktop for each note, but you can also opt to keep the text in the main window only.

The appearance of the desktop notes is completely customizable. You can modify the background color (gradient notes are available), the font style and size and the transparency level. Moreover, files can be attached to each note, if needed.

For security reasons, notes can be assigned a password, so that no one else but you can access them or change the configuration you set. Furthermore, the application enables you to create backups of your note database and restore them when needed.

Sticky notes can help you remember events you must attend to and tasks you must complete. When used in a virtual environment, they can be easily deleted without wasting paper. Portable Efficient Sticky Notes Pro enables you to place colored sticky notes on your desktop, while providing a user-friendly interface to manage them from.

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