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cPicture v3.8.2 Portable

Quickly find and organize your collection of pictures with various search tools and the possibility to edit EXIF data, run slideshows and more. Nearly every mobile device nowadays is fitted with a powerful camera. As such, your computer sooner or later becomes the resting place for most pictures you take. This is why you might want to look for a way to keep all of them organized, with utilities like cPicture being specialized in this regard, with various ways to find and organize your media collection.

System Spec v3.11 Portable

View various hardware and software informationSystem Spec is a tool that displays various information about your system's software and hardware. The user interface of the application is plain. In the main window you can view details about Windows, Internet Explorer, memory, CPU, IP address, MAC address, and more. and be in full control of your system with the help of this handy piece of software.

Any To ISO Pro v3.9.5.660 Portable

Extract ISO files or create new disk images to easily deploy your programs with the help of this intuitive application, which features full command line support. AnyToISO is a handy software solution that allows you to convert files to ISO format or extract the content of an image with minimum effort. The interface is well organized and very easy to navigate, as the main features of the app are grouped in tabs, making it easy to perform the task you want.

BCTextEncoder v1.02 Portable

Small-sized, portable and simple-to-use application that can encrypt confidential text in messages using passwords or public keys. BCTextEncoder is a small-sized and portable application that enables users to seamlessly encrypt text when sending messages across the online platform. It does not contain complex options or configuration parameters, making the tool accessible to all types of users, even those less experienced.

ScreenPresso Pro v1.7.6.0 Portable

Using this application you can capture your desktop or record it, then you can modify the files and save them to various formats. Screenpresso is an application designed to help you take snapshots and record videos on your computer This software can also be installed as a portable product. In this case, no changes will be made to your Windows registry keys. Moreover, you can store Screenpresso on a removable device and directly run its executable file on any computer.

Update Freezer v1.10.134 Portable

Disable automatic updates for certain programs (e.g. Google, Adobe, Java, Firefox, etc.) with this user-friendly and portable application. Update Freezer is a lightweight application built specifically for helping users manage and disable automatic updates for different utilities installed on their system, namely Google, Adobe, Java, Firefox, Skype, as well as Windows updates. Since this is a portable program, it is important to mention that it doesn’t leave any traces in the Windows Registry.

WebCookiesSniffer v1.30 Portable

Small, portable and simple-to-use sniffer for website cookies that displays them in a simple table, featuring support for multiple capture modes and data export. WebCookiesSniffer is a small-sized and portable utility capable of monitoring website cookies and displaying them in an orderly fashion. It is quite simple to work with, and does not require extensive knowledge with networking apps.

PowerRun v1.3 Portable

Access locked registries or files that cannot be edited despite the fact that you have Administrator privileges using this simple and straightforward tool. PowerRun is a lightweight piece of software designed for power users who want to access files they normally cannot, although they operating the computer as Administrator. The application does not require setup per se, but rather you can unpack it in any desired location on your local drives.

Extreme Picture Finder v3.43.1.0 Portable

Extreme Picture Find opens with a seemingly plain and straightforward user interface, but it took us a little while to get the hang of things. Menu and navigational commands run across the top of the window, and multiple panels take up the rest of the space. Start by checking out the program's online project database, which included a long list of subjects, ranging from architecture to celebrities to furniture. Clicking on each subject displays a starting address.

Stop Updates v10.3.0.100 Portable

Prevent Windows 10 from forcefully updating itself, without your permission, thanks to this simple and straightforward application. Most Windows 10 users are aware of the fact that Microsoft seems to pick the worst times for downloading and installing Windows Updates. A good example is those mornings when you're in a hurry to finish an important project and turn on the PC only to be blindsided by Windows Updates, which seem to take forever to finish (sometimes even requiring multiple PC starts).