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DiskGetor Data Recovery v4.0 Portable

An intuitive and powerful application that allows users to recover erased files and folders, formatted drives, as well as missing drives. DiskGetor Data Recovery is a lightweight Windows application built specifically for helping users recover erased files and folders, formatted drives, as well as missing drives. It sports a clean and intuitive layout that allows you to set up the dedicated parameters with minimum effort.

SubPaster v1.2 Portable

SubPaster should be useful for translating text subtitles to an other language using an external translator or spellchecker. SubPaster splits up a subtitle file into the time marks and text lines on the other hand. It tries to combine the text lines to complete phrases. Translation programs e.g. google translator are known to give significantly better results that way. Usually online translators also have limited text size – thatfore the phrases are optionally provided in chunks of 800/5000 byte.

Software Ideas Viewer v11.98 Portable

Access diagrams that you have created via the Software Ideas Modeler and edit basic information about them via this intuitive software solution. The interface is designed with ribbons that ensure easy access to the various utensils that you can explore or edit your diagram. You will be happy to learn that the program allows you preview UML diagrams of all sizes and shapes via the fit to height or weight. Alternatively, you can inspect the elements of your designs via the Zoom tool.

Data Recovery Pro v2.2.0.0 Portable

These days email is so important to our businesses and our lives. With just one click though, an important message can seem to be gone forever! Give yourself some peace of mind with Data Recovery Pro – recover deleted emails and lost files. This essential software securely scans for and brings deleted email messages back to life, even from Vista Windows Mail. It can even recover deleted email attachments. Data Recovery Pro is so powerful it can also recover partial files due to bad sectors.

Digimizer v5.3.5 Portable

Digimizer, a flexible image analysis software package offered for free by MedCalc Software, provides support for multiple image formats: JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG, WMF, EMF and DICOM. Use the Open Image dialog or the Ctrl + O shortcut to load a supported image format into the Digimizer application. Once the image is loaded into Digimizer, you can perform calibrated measurements on it. That’s what Digimizer can do – perform measurements on digital images. You can use the Unit tool to calibrate the measurements.

Folder Merger v1.8 Portable

Copy the content of an entire folder structure to an empty directory with options to filter by filename or specific extensions with this app. The complexity of a file management task only depends on the target files, and where they need to end up. Chances are you simply need a bunch of files from all over your computer to end up in a single directory, which can take some time to navigate and copy from multiple locations. In this regard, Folder Merger wants to save you the time and easily perform this operation.

HDCleaner v1.249 Portable

If you own a Windows-based computer, you probably faced the situation where it inexplicably slows down, space runs low or various errors keep pestering you every once in a while. Fortunately, instead of relying on a fresh Windows installation to restore your system to its former glory, you can turn to specialized third-party applications such as HDCleaner that can help you perform several maintenance operations.

Gnaural v1.0 Portable

A programmable audio generator that helps you create binaural beats with different frequencies and export the audio files to WAV, AU, FLAC, or OGG file format. Gnaural is an open-source Windows application whose purpose is to help you generate binaural beats in order to change your brain states using different sound patterns. Gnaural is an open-source Windows application whose purpose is to help you generate binaural beats in order to change your brain states using different sound patterns.

Optimizer v4.8 Portable

Tweak Windows in order to enhance your privacy and security, clean your PC, manage startup items and add new items to the context menu, with this portable, open-source utility. A fresh Windows installation isn’t as clean as many users would like, as some of the features included in the latest versions of the OS are seen as unnecessary, hampering performance and compromising your privacy. Optimizer is a simple-to-use application that enables you to disable various Windows features, clean unnecessary files, remove items from the startup list, manage the Registry and more.

Teorex Inpaint v8.0 Portable

A software solution that enables you to perform small modifications to your images by removing unwanted objects, date stamps, or wrinkles and skin blemishes. Inpaint is a powerful image editor that allows users to remove unwanted objects from a photo with minimum effort. Similar to the healing tool from Adobe Photoshop, Inpaint makes the whole process a breeze, relying on a very intuitive and well-organized interface.