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MiTeC DirList v1.3.0.0 Portable

View the contents of your PC's folder structure with this application that yields a customizable file listing and offers export to HTML and CSV file formats. MiTeC DirList is a simple, but fast loading file browser that allows you to browse all connected disks and generate reports for files and directories. The reports can be exported to HTML or CSV format or sent to your printer. You can optionally filter the list by extension and keyword contained in the file name, and also choose to include sub-directories. Standalone program, no install needed.

Xmouse v1.1.1 Portable

Map mouse and keyboard functions to a gamepad and use your controller to perform a wide range of actions, with this open-source utility. When playing games on your PC with a controller, you sometimes need to do things that would require a mouse and keyboard. Of course, putting down your gamepad is not very convenient, especially if you are relaxing on the couch. Xmouse is a small, portable application that provides you with a neat solution.

sCheckList v1.1.7 Portable

An easy-to-use software solution that is meant to help those searching for the simplest way of putting together a checklist without any fuss. Most users who have a lot of duties and tasks to take care of often look for a way of optimizing their workflow and simplifying procedures to allow for more actions to be completed more quickly and with increased efficiency. Basic operations, like creating a list of daily activities should take as little time as possible and for this purpose sChecklist was designed.

CsvBuddy v2.1.6 Portable

Preview, edit and export CSV files to other formats using this portable tool that lets you change columns, rows and headers, apply filters, or rename, select and order fields. CSV Buddy facilitates a user-friendly interface for editing CSV files and exporting them to other formats, namely fixed width, HTML, XML, or express mode (text files based on row templates, where variable names are replaced with each record's content). There is no setup pack involved, so you can save the program files in any part of the hard disk or on a USB flash drive, in order to launch CSV Buddy on any PC directly.

My Crypto Monitor v1.1.6 Portable

Monitor your cryptocurrency investments, calculate your profit or losses, receive price alerts and more, with this lightweight, portable application. Cryptocurrency investments are far from a sure thing, so you should always keep a close eye on price trends to ensure you buy and sell at the right times. However, websites that track this data usually don’t make it easy to monitor multiple coins or portfolios, so a desktop application may be a better choice.

pgMessenger v1.0.0 Portable

View the in-game global, trade and help chat from Project: Gorgon on any computer, and even see what your guild members are saying, with this portable, open-source utility. PgMessenger is a small utility that grabs the in-game chat from log files and enables you to read it at any time, from any PC. It even gives you the option of viewing your guild’s chat. Project: Gorgon is a fantasy MMORPG that has already amassed a small playerbase, even though it has yet to leave early access. If you want to keep an eye on the in-game chat even when you aren’t playing, this program may interest you.

PreviousFilesRecovery v1.00 Portable

Identify and recover deleted or older version documents from the shadow copies on your local hard drive by using this application. If you work with numerous documents on your computer, you might lose them due to various unfortunate events or some of them might get overwritten by their newer versions. However, turning to third-party applications such as PreviousFilesRecovery can help you recover deleted or older version documents from your computer by using shadow copies on your hard drive.

DriveLetterView v1.46 Portable

Small-sized and portable software utility that enables users to easily and quickly edit drive letters, in addition to viewing drive information. DriveLetterView is a lightweight and portable software application that enables users to edit drive letters and perform other useful operations, such as running a drive speed test. Since installation is not a prerequisite, you can put the executable file anywhere on the hard disk and just click it to run.

Advanced Roots Informer v1.0.1 Portable

Find out the roots of any numbers by specifying the index, and save results to a plain text document using this intuitive command-line tool. Advanced Roots Informer Portable is a command-line utility that enables you to quickly put together a list with the roots of numbers based on the specified index. It saves information to file. Once it runs in an instance of Command Prompt, the program asks you to enter the index number of the roots, along with the limit for the designation of the root numbers.

Listary v5.00.2843 Portable

Lightning fast search tool that shows results as you type in Windows' file manager or on the desktop, regardless of the location of the target file. There are plenty of productivity boosters available on the Internet but most of them refer to reaching specific files or launching certain applications easily, regardless of the current location. Listary is a search tool that increases the functionality of the file manager included in Windows. It seems invisible to the user but a look in the system tray area shows that it is running and ready for action.